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We’re shifting the conversation from The Dream House to our philosophy of HomEcology™ so together we can  explore…


Home as a part of an ecosystem
HomeMAKING as a fundamental rite of passage
Harmony through aligning our lives with our values


HomEcology™ is  the foundation of everything we do, when we respect our innate interdependence we can co create responsive meaningful solutions.  Responsive design needs to be an iterative process and systems thinking is essential to it. So we have developed a series of interrelated systems to see you all the way home. Even before we came up with a name to describe what we do that is so unique and valuable we were practicing HomEcology™. For over 25 years we’ve  listened and studied, learned, adapted and systematized.


People Planet Profit

Co creating and living in  such a nurturing home is life transforming and has positive reverberations out into our community environment and planet liberating us from a paradigm of scarcity to be embraced in a world of abundance. We approach everything with a goal or positively impacting a  triple bottom line for People, Planet & Profit. So the home we co create with you will:


People – Elevate your family’s quality of life  and cultivating harmony

Planet – Have a positive environmental impact

Profit – Create an exponential return on your investment

You Deserve a Home That Loves You Back

A home that makes your life and relationships a little easier. Together we’ll explore how your home can not only meet, but adapt to your needs, because life is change. We’re not just renovating your home, we helping you re-imagine your life.

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