The Philosophy Behind Greenspeed

Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable by Design

MKDB’s goal is to put people in touch with their environment and with each other, creating spaces that balance the practical needs of modern life with the reality of limited resources on a shrinking globe.

The triple bottom line

… of economic, social, and environmental factors forms all decision-making and problem-solving at MKDB. Globally, humanity is evolving toward the indigenous Native belief and understanding that nature is not inanimate, it is imbued with one common life-force: the Chinese call this chi. It pulses through water, earth, air, mountains, trees, plants, animals, humans … everything.

Elements are bound together in unbroken continuity, in indivisible unity…

Acknowledging a need to consciously support and nurture the delicate balance of our world, MKDB welcomes project opportunities that are environmentally conscious, energy efficient, and cost effective regardless of project size and scope. These philosophical considerations represent our first priorities when we consider and accept a commission.

Architecture is a social art

… that can reflect and inform, educate and transform. More than the creation of a functional built environment, architecture allows us to influence social change and respond positively to the environmental crisis of global warming.

Our goal is to build as little as possible

This might seem like an odd goal for a design builder, but reducing square footage saves resources, saves energy, and can also save money. Building less can also allow for a greater level of detail within the space provided. Making a small space feel expansive is the beauty of fine design and we excel at it at MKDB: less truly is more in our hands.

What are your thoughts on green building as a design practice?

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