Our Mission and Guiding Design Principles

Why  MKDB is the Right Choice

Attunement through intuitive listening

From components to relationships

MKDB listens and tunes into the needs of our clients and community to design and build homes and products that foster harmony in our lives, relationships, community, environment and planet. Every setting has a story to tell. MKDB closely studies landscapes and ecosystems as well as observes and interacts with families that inhabit them to become attuned and responsive to the genius of the biome and what it strives to be – what Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, called ʻthe path of least resistanceʼ and what we understand harmony to be.

Ingenuity that aspires towards excellence and creates exponential value

From parts to wholes and from efficiency to abundancy

MKDB designs within a cosmos that is whole and round, engaging local, regional, global, and universal energies. We learn from nature and those who have mastered the relationships between space and form, place and context, use and purpose, materials and processes, human experiences, ideas and meanings, thus liberating our ingenuity and encouraging a cultural shift that supports deeper and kinder ways of being human and experiencing nature and the world.


MKDB believes that truly excellent design can be achieved through human ingenuity and honouring our innate need for harmony. The result is abundancy, which manifests as generosity and grace in homes and products we co-create with our clients and which respond to their need for home that nurtures and inspires harmony.

Friendship that cultivates contentment

From consumption to equilibrium and from parts to wholes

Ecological communities are always in flux, so that they maintain a continual equilibrium with harmonious fluctuations. This dynamic balance provides resiliency in the face of ecosystem change. We strive to co-create resilient and adaptive homes and products that nurture such equilibrium.


As a result we develop meaningful friendships with our clients – who we often call ʻflientsʼ (clients + friends), and do concede that it sounds like a bug:), because the ones that – community, and the planet, honouring all its inhabitants’ sacred need for home. Friendships and symbiotic interdependence are especially important today.


Resilience and value are essential, when there is an overwhelming illusion of independence that is wreaking havoc upon natural environment and most of humanity. There is a Buddhist saying that satisfying our desires is like quenching one’s thirst with salt water. We are interested in what is actually valuable in our wants, what we need to provide to allow us to give more to our world.


We attract clients who are not seduced by consumerism and offer them lasting value and adaptability. We cultivate contentment and build it into our design processes by actually becoming attuned to our communities’ deepest needs. We create responsive, flexible solutions that empower our clients and cultivate a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Our Vision and Core Values

MKDB initiates and models a cultural shift that nurtures and celebrates harmony and abundance of nature within its practice, community and the precious planet that benevolently provides home for all.

MKDB embraces a sublime, visionary, and inspired design paradigm in which the path of least resistance is infused with ingenuity. We embrace opportunities to share our precious gifts with this planet, whose natural state is harmony, which we are on a mission to restore through our designs and interactions.

MKDB logo infuses a vision of perfection and honour into our very core. It embodies the excellence that we aspire to in everything we do, on our mission to fulfill our sacred need for home.

MKDB is comprised of homemakers dedicated to co-creating homes and products for homes that manifest and embody a sense of harmony in our lives and relationships, while honouring a holistic ethos with the intention of providing a home for all inhabitants of the planet.




Owner, Designer & Carpenter

My name is on everything we do, on purpose and we do some of the finest Ottawa home renovations. Our work at MKDB is based on harmony & honor and we tend to attract clients who share them. Our business model is based on caring for you, our planet and ourselves and we see them as mutually harmonious aspirations.


We’re always focused on harmony in our designs, relationships and evolution of work and creations. We honor you and ourselves by creating homes that are truly nourishing and beautiful and conduct our business and craft with integrity, respect and compassion. We encourage living a little more lightly by incorporating green building practices, making the small feel spacious and giving back to our community.

Our clients are visionary just like us and we’re committed to co-creating homes they love and that love them back. In the west we’re pretty comfortable from a material standpoint any way. Wanting can be a bottomless pit, like trying to quench our thirst with salt water, and stuff is at best a fleeting happiness.


When I seek what is true and intrinsically of value in all this want, it’s the desire to have a home, and for this home to be a place of nourishment, fortifying us so we can give more to our world and refuge. Such a place needs to be harmoniously designed and built to last with healthy materials for us and the planet.



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