A Diplomat's Residence in the heart of The Glebe in Ottawa


When their 13 year old daughter first saw their new 80 year old house she thought great, Im going to live in the ugliest house in the Glebe! (She later became a great interior designer and an integral member of your MKDB team.) Chantelle's parents are world travellors and love to entertain but their house just wasn't accomadating their inate elegance and graciousness.


A custom red American walnut wall unit was designed to stretch the full length of this victorian homes living room provides ample elegant storage and an opportunity to show off their many treasures collected around the world.

The millwork design elements are mirrored in their fabulous new kitchen paired with super-white granite countertops & backsplash creating a dramatic yet grounded ambiance. A massive island works so well in the home because they love to work together creating experiences for their many cherished guests.

First impressions are always important, so we also updated their exterior facade and designed a lovely sit in porch for a more intimate social experience. We highlighted their beautiful red brick with contrasting blacks and dark greys, creating a timeless facelift for a traditional home.

"I would highly recommend working with Moneca and her team to solve any space issues or concerns with home flow, etc. She really took the time to get to know our family and our needs and helped us design a space that works for a busy family of four."
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