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Dressed to Impress

Let's face a few hard facts for a moment. Yoga pants, tanks tops and sweats just aren't sexy. At least not in the way we girls would LOVE for them to be. Comfy isn't going to waltz down the fashion runway any time soon. Frumpy isn't the next in thing (though I wish like heck it would be!)

Whether you are already with your fave guy or still on the hunt, there are a few key tips that you need to consider.

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1. Are you wearing clothing that best fits your personal body type. Girls come in many different shapes and sizes and we need to accentuate the good and minimize the bad by selecting clothes that are flattering.

2. Rock that new hair style! Sometimes we need nothing more than a little pick me up to feel like a million dollars when walking down the street. Add a splash of color. Conceal those annoying gray hairs that just won't stay gone. Curl those silken locks or go wild with a pixie cut. The sky is the limit!

3. Let's chat makeup. I'm from the camp that thinks less is more. A little pop of eye color. A fine layer of concealer. Light gloss on the lips and you are ready to go BUT maybe you are going out on the town and want to make an impression. Match bold with sassy. Experiment on everything from fierce to sweet.

4. Shoes. We all love them and probably won't admit to the actual number of shoes currently invading our closets. From sweet slip ons to thigh high boots that just won't stop and everything in between, it's all about the image you want to portray.

5. Sexy steamy lingerie. Have you ever noticed how a set of lacybra and pantiescan improve your overall mood? Your shoulders press back and you add a little extra sway to your hips as you go about your day. Feeling beautiful in secret doesn't have to remain a secret. Everyone around you will notice the change.

You can "improve" your wardrobe, update your style and color away the years but true beauty comes from within. Treat yourself like a woman of value first and others will notice. Not only will they noticethey may even be a little bit jealous!

"Dressed to impress ultimately has very little to do with what you are actually wearing but everything to do with your self confidence."

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