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The skinny on Miami Designer Viviana Gabeiras, and her tres chic collections

Today she is the proud owner of Petit Pois, Inc. in Miami, one of the few companies manufacturing clothes in the still fabulous USA. Her designs have been worn by such celebs as Grammy Award Winning music Artist Mya, Super Model Heide Lindgren and from Telemundos Al Rojo Vivo, Maria Celeste. Here is an inside look at Petit Pois and it's creator.


Petit Pois provides an eclectic blend of functionality and flirtatiousness for the sophisticated woman. Created mostly of mesh, these ready to wear collections travel well and will compliment any wardrobe. Some of this seasons groups include: Holidays Vintage a sweet and sensual blast from the past available now and guaranteed to past the test of time. (Featured in WWD Magazine) French Chic with it's individually handcrafted flowers is conservatively delightful. Jupiter a planetary eruption of colors sure to make you feel out of this world; and straight out of the Sub-Sahara is Wild Expressions! These elegant leopard prints guaranteed to bring out your wild side Rawr!

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My favorite pieces from each group:

Soon itll be time to bid farewell to our scarves, boots, and jacketsand when we do Petit Pois will have our back with the hottest designs for Spring and Summer. French Rivieras ombre dress layered in turquoise and purple is exactly what a girl needs to cruise in style. Planning a night out on the town? Petit Pois Dress Collection introduces an absolutely charming neutral colors swing dress. Its free flowing design is perfect for hitting the dance floor with that special someone. Day or night this desirable collection is sure to raise temperatures.


Can love and marriage survive the fashion world?

Yes, she said. Defying the odds, Viviana and her husband Rafael celebrated their 29 year anniversary this past November. Vs Secret for a loving and successful marriage? Tolerance, she giggled. My husband says it's tolerance but above anything else, we never tried to change one another, we are not your typical old couple and we will never be! We love to dress up and go out on dates, just as we would when we we're younger.

No Ring. New Trend?

Is there one accessory you can't leave home without? Her face lights up, I will never leave my house without my beautiful high heels. No objection here V., shoes are like oxygen. I feel as though I can never have enough. I usually pick my shoes first and then choose an outfit for them. Why not your wedding ring? This Fashionista doesn't wear one! A new trend? We we're very young and still in college when we married in New Yorks City Hall. We didn't have much money and over the years it didn't seem as important. My children say that a ring will break the love spell. We wouldn't want to do that now would we? Ring or no ring this creative beauty is off the market so boys back off!


Viviana recently returned from Paris where she was personally invited to attend Bal Des Etoiles, Love Paris Forever at Les Salon du Pre Catelan Lenotre. This black tie ball hosted by Princess Catherine Colonna de Stigliano in the name of the International Committee, helps provide funding for the non-profit international humanitarian organization, Pain without Borders.

This visit wasnt all play; she was there to study the newly showcased collections. Who we're your favorites in Paris? Nina Ricci, Valentino, and Givenchy. Favorite designer of all time? Jean Paul Gaultier, he uses mesh in his designs, and I always look forward to seeing his new collections, she replied. After a week of inspiration and recovering from monster jet lag, Viviana is back at work in her Miami design studio. Her next project is for the City of Miami Beach, where she will design a garment inspired by the artwork of fellow Miami artist Carlos Alves. No further information can be revealed at this time, but has anyone seen Lincoln roads newly crafted fountain in front of the Colony Theatre? (More information to come.) Other upcoming projects include a U.S. fashion show tour beginning in New York and making it's way through Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and of course Miamis Fashion Week in March. How does she keep her sanity amongst all this chaos? Its really all about time management and planning, she emphasized. Stress is great when you are doing what you are passionate about.

The skinny confirms that there is nothing Petit about what's to come from the Petit Pois headquarters.

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