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I Love This Planner!

I have always had some kind of planner, no matter what I was doing at the time. Back in the day of the crickets, I had a very nice small daily planner from Franklin Covey, all leather and niceness. I kept all my customers names, addresses and phone numbers. Yeah funny, we didn't have cell phones back then. Those we're the daysI remember one day hubby was broke down in the bad part of Indianapolis and he had to walk to the pay phone to call me. Then he said hurry because a lot of rough people we're looking at him. I was 2 hours away! Oh, those we're the days.

I did Buy one planner that makes you go through all your goals and really makes you think about what direction you want to go with all kinds of questions and goal setting. Plus this workbook just Rocks for your business and personal goals! It's very colorful and girly and I do love it for goal setting and checking up on your goals each month. This is going to be so much fun to help me see where I want to be in a year and help me get there. You can find that workbook here.

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Ok, back to my planners. Every year I try something new and some of them are nice while others just don't make the mark. I finally found my DREAM planner and the best part is that it's FREE or you can buy one, but I found it too late to buy one so I am printing out the months and daily's for free. I like this way better.

I tried this for most of the month of January and it has worked out GREAT! The website showed one of the girls would print out the month and the weekly's for the month. She then stapled in the month to a vanilla file folder and the hole month of daily's in another one. So she could travel with the whole month and it not take up much room. She said she also liked that she could make notes all over the folder and it would always be with that month.

Then when the year is over she files them away by year. AWESOME! So I tried it. At first I used all kinds of ink and some seeped through to the other side. Not good. Then I used erasable ink. For one, that stuff lasts about a couple of days, then I run out of ink and I'm blind as a bat without my cheater glasses on so it was hard to see the ink.

Last week I used black ink to write out three goals & steps I wanted to get done for the week (I love the space at the bottom of the page for notes)then each day I would write down something to do with that goal, into the time slots. I didn't really care what time it was, I just liked that it was on the page for that day.

Then when I finished with that chore, I used my orange highlighter and marked it out. That way I can see things I didn't get done for the day and know that I need to get that done first before I go on to something else on the next day. Plus with the highlighter you can still see what you accomplished each day.

This system rocks and really makes you take action. So my goals for this year is to make two new incomes streams coming in, besides my eBay and each day I do something even if it's tiny for each of those 3 incomes. Before I would just make goals but really no way of making those happen. Like with eBay. "I want to list 100 items this week" and then at the end of the week say"well crap that didn't happen!"

It's stupid because when I did the crickets I would write out goals everyday. Funny how you forget how you we're successful at one time and then forget the process. WRITE DOWN your goals and make a list each day for what you want to get done. Don't over do the list. Just do enough that you are going forward and I always have a fun thing that I do each day, when I'm done READ on my Kindle or do some kind of craft. Lol!

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