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Steps To Creating A French Wardrobe

The first step to creating a French Wardrobe is to take stock of what you have, get rid of excess, "only okay" pieces, and figure out what you need. Cleaning out your closet can be something you put aside a day to do, or you can make it a process that you do for a little while over a couple days. The choice is completely up to you. Either way, your process will look something like this.As for the items you choose to discard, you can donate them, throw them out, repurpose them as cleaning rags or dusting rags, use them for arts and crafts, put them towards a clothing swap with friends, bring them to a consignment shop, or sell them online. And yes, this includes shoes and accessories! Most of my core wardrobe posts don't address accessories, but accessories are completely included in this post. Go through everything!!

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1. Get rid of anything that is damaged. Holes, missing buttons/sequins, loose seams, threads hanging off, rips and tears, uncleanable stains, etc. When you're looking to make a wardrobe of the perfect items, the most imperfect have to go first.

2. Get rid of anything that isn't your size. A lot of people are tempted to keep a range of sizes in their closet because they have a goal of losing weight. DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP. Keeping clothes that are too small for you WILL NOT inspire you to lose weight, they will only make you feel guilty and hamper your weight loss progress. It's more important that you wear what fits you now and makes you feel confident and attractive now. Don't clutter your life. If and when you do change sizes, reward yourself! You deserve it

3. Get rid of anything that doesn't work with your skintone. This is a harder one to talk about, because it's such an aesthetic concept. Basically, if a color makes your skin look sallow, too red, too white, too dark, etc., it's not a good color for you. I know for me, I can't wear almost any yellow or orange, and whites and reds are on a case-by-case basis. If you have spent time in a dressing room and don't know what I'm talking about, try having a friend help you on this step. Neutrals are always a good bet, blacks and greys are always chic and don't reflect your skin tone, but colors give you so much if you find one that flatters you. You're looking for something that makes your skintone look healthy and flatters your eyes, hair, and teeth. I'll talk more about that on a subsequent post.

4. Get rid of anything that doesn't flatter your shape. It doesn't matter how much you spent on a piece or how gorgeous it is on the rack, if it doesn't work for you then it's worthless. This is one I'm guilty on I'll find something I fall in love with on the rack, even if it doesn't look great on me. I'll wear it only with another piece to hide the fit flaws that doesn't translate to a versatile and effective wardrobe. It robs you of confidence and comfort; it makes you conscious of the flaws and making sure you minimize them throughout the day. Just "let it go."

5. Get rid of anything that hurts or itches. Look at those nice red pumps.Have you tried putting an insole in them and they still make your feet ache after a few hours? Get rid of them. What about that sweater that is just gorgeous but makes you itch no matter how you launder and layer? Get rid of it. How about that bra that just perks everything up but has been poking you since day one? Get rid of it. There's no reason for having clothing that gives you more things to worry about your clothing should be something that gives you confidence, not adds to concerns.

6. Minimize your multiples. How many pairs of jeans do you own? How many tank tops? Business casual dresses? Obviously this will change depending on your lifestyle, but multiples are your enemy. Having 10 bras is fine, but having 10 sweaters? 10 camis? 10 skirts? Make the hard decisions based on your lifestyle. If you work in a business casual office, you'll want to have at least 2 business casual dresses and 2 business casual skirts. That way you won't have to do laundry every day, but you'll be able to use what you own and get your money's worth.

7. Make sure you keep the staples, but work on replacing them. When you're cleaning out your closet, make sure that you don't throw out all your little black dresses (for example). The Essentials page is a great reference for this! You don't want to leave yourself without a core piece, and chances are you won't be in love with all of the core items you own. There's always time to get perfect core pieces, but don't leave yourself hanging in the meantime.

Good job, and good luck!

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