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If I'm going to be blunt, I am completely fed up with the oh-so-ever short, mini, micro whatever you want to call it skirts. It is similar to that of cookie dough ice cream. Does it taste good? Yes. Can I eat it every day? No. Evidently, I am sick of em' and their seemingly endless prevail (which is rather ironic, considering their seams end rather short).

Their reign finally ceases to a halt as longer body form pencil skirts rewrite a new definition to the term classy o h so sexy, yet oh so ladylike. Their reserved structure, still somehow manages to flatter and contour the female curves.It is their daring diva essence that leads the fashion forward civilians of Paris, London, and Barcelona, to strut them daily en route in the city not just the office.

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Pair the lengthy piece with a blouse, statement necklace, high heel booties, and a retro crop jacket. Don't be afraid to be controversial. Play the look down with a denim version, by adding a crop top, leather bomber, sheer tights and converse. A 'slacker-CEO' combo takes place of the previous 'girly-biker' look (you know, wearing combat boots with a floral dress?).

Wear them best by being bold . Choose an unusual style, perhaps a geometric print (seen in Burberry Prorsum), acid washed denim, or even chords. Do not forget about leather. Leather is always a must.

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