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'Unconventional' campaign stars.

It is well known that in the fashion industry, models, actors and actresses are the stars of magazine covers and the faces of a label. This time, the latest campaigns had a nice twistAn unconventional one.

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Unconventional; defined as out of the bounds of cultural norms, probably, but today, 'unconventional' is the ultimate trend for campaign stars. And we could not love more the latest Cline campaign featuring Joan Didon, but the one that blew our minds was the Karen Walker campaign, with an adorable puppy, rocking fashionable sunglasses.

Walker decided to pick a model who could fit with the caramel-y color palette they we're using this season in their sunglasses. And of course, someone whose hair could perfectly work with a wind machine, and apparently, 'Toast', this lucky dog, had the chance to be the model for the campaign.

After this been said, we can only add that this is probably the cutest campaign we have seen so far! Thumbs up for Karen Walker!

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