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Although it might sound as though I am talking in multiple clichs, Interior Design and Property have really been some of my passions for quite a number of years. Whether it was wondering through the grand stately homes of the UK and admiring the history of the building, in conjunction with questioning the functionality of the design as a child or following the exploits of some of the UKs designers and builders on 1990s shows such as Changing Rooms or DIY SOS, it has fascinated me a great deal. However, until very recently I have done little about my desire to pursue this avenue as a career choice.

My current career is very different from that of design, yet my skills, creativity and passion are most certainly transferable. In my first career I have dedicated a lot of my time to becoming the best practitioner that I can be and have enjoyed a great deal of success in this area. It has now come to be that I am making my maiden voyage into the world of interior design. It feels a scary and almost insurmountable challenge, yet one that I believe I can overcome, and overcome with passion and conviction. So, in the recent past I have been involved in a range of small projects and helping friends and family members with their design and decoration choices. Yet, it is now that I am embarking on setting up my own design practice to take on a range of projects. I think that a variety of projects will certainly be interesting as I start on this journey looking at everything from individual rooms to entire properties on a range of budgets and in a collection of styles.

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The projects that I have been involved with to date have been the design of some residential properties in London and they have been included in the portfolio on this website. Other projects are currently under consultation and will be posted in due course. It is my intention to continue to work on a range of projects, as I am currently doing, alongside my first career. I hope that this venture can take off and gather sufficient momentum in order for it to be my primary career! I am teaching and training myself in a whole range of skills which I think is very exciting as I always look to push and challenge myself. The results of these design-related challenges will be posted regularly on this blog as well as through a range of social media outlets.

I know that this journey, into the seemingly unknown, will be tumultuous and very difficult from time to time. I shall therefore weather the storm and aim to become bother prosperous and successful in my quest for a career in interior design. I shall be looking to the online, and offline, community for inspiration and advice as gain more projects. I would like to take the time to thank you for reading this initial post and will be posting again soon!

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