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Create a Simple Silk FlowerArrangement

Designing silk floral arrangements can be very detailed and time consuming work, but when you're just beginning the goal should simply be to have fun. Artificial flower arrangements can be made in a variety of styles and sizes. Learning how to create a stunning silk flower arrangement can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are the basic steps for creating a stunning silk flower centerpiece you'll be proud to display in your home.

"Calla Lilies & Cymbidium"

Basic Supplies

Silk flower bushes


Floral foam

Floral wire cutters

Glue gun and glue sticks

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Choosing Silk Flowers

Choose flower bushes that will complement your home decor. For a realistic look, select flowers in a variety of styles and colors. The number of flower bushes you'll need will depend on the size of your container. If you're using a small container for your centerpiece, use approximately two bushes of flowers. For a larger container, you will need at least four to six bushes of silk flowers.

Greenery and Embellishments

Depending on the size of the arrangement, add one or two bunches of greenery to your arrangement. For a fun look, you can also add silk birds or any other embellishments to your centerpiece.


Select a basket or container that will enhance your home decor.

Assembling Your Arrangement

1. Cut a piece of floral foam so that it fits snug inside your container. Glue the piece of foam to the inside of your container.

2. Cut the greenery and flower bushes apart.

3. Place the largest artificial flowers in the center of your foam. Place a flower on each side of your container. You should now have a triangular base made from flowers.

4. Fill in your arrangement with the remaining flowers. Use your triangular base as a guide for the shape of your arrangement.

5. Evenly add your greenery pieces throughout your arrangement. Add any embellishments to your centerpiece.

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