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Starbucks was a revolution in terms of coffee-culture.

Starbucks was a revolution in terms of coffee-culture. It went from a relaxed small expresso in a tiny "caff" in Italy, to a fast-moving-take-away "grande" lump of coffee. People love it. People feel part of this dynamic society, with the privilege of a comfy-sophisticated feeling every time you walk into a shop.

Except for one thing, and it doesn't take traveling the whole world not notice it: every single Starbucks is identical to the tiniest detail anywhere in the world.

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While in the late 90s-early 2000 this was considered new and cool, now there is a sort of "return to the origin" trend. People love owning iPads and latest smartphones, but at the same time refuse the ideal of multi-corporation when it comes to what they eat and drink. The words organic and food-miles are entering our vocabulary more and more every day.

And I have the feeling this is why Starbucks has recently announced the re-design of all his shops, giving to each one of them a "local" feeling, mostly connected to the history of the place.

Perhaps this is designed to change the impression of multinational that people perceive when they think of Starbucks. No more standard designs, now it will feel like entering your local cafe like it used to be.

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