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So what exactly is this opinion piece on? Well, it's about our...

So what exactly is this opinion piece on? Well, it's about our lack of social movements. People are always complaining about things and how they are, I know that I complain a lot too, but I don't actually do anything. There are plenty of causes to get behind, we could talk about the fact that the rich keeps getting richer; we could talk about how their is a serious pipeline problem from our education system to our prison system; we could talk about the serious inequalities that different people, especially LGBTQ people face. There are a million causes, yet everyone is silent.

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In these films I am watching they organized mass bus boycotts with a rich system of walking and car-pooling; they organized freedom rides; integrated schools; and I could really go on and on. They did all of this with minimal technology besides a television with a few channels, newspapers, and word of mouth. They depended on each other, the federal government, and support from a wide variety of people and we're able to make social changes.

These are the social changes that allow me to be able to do what I am doing right now. Typing this opinion piece in a university library. I think the biggest thing that got me is that all this stuff happened right before my parents we're born. A lot of this took place in the 60s and my parents we're born in 66 and 68. A lot of this was happening while my parents we're just born. My parents narrowly escaped being subjected to all these injustices. It really makes it hit home for me.

We have a long way to go as far as making this place equal for everyone. I feel that as time has went on we have gotten lazier when it comes to making social changes. Yes, they have gotten better, but we are far from the dream. We have to keep fighting to make this world a better place. I think our mission as people should be to make the world a better place than when we found it.

I don't suggest mass protests and taking the streets by storm for every little problem. I don't feel like a protest or two would hurt though. More than anything I just want us to begin making strides in the right direction. Make marriage a possibility for everyone, work on creating after-school programs for our youth or creating smaller class sizes so everyone can get the help they need, helping those who don't have as much as you, just helping your fellow man become a better man.

These are my opinions on the internet. I am the liberal sociology major your mother warned you about!

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