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Learning Bisaya, LISOD!

I admit as a person who grew up in Metro Manila I find it too hard to learn bisaya and I wanna quit, lol! Well being married to a bisaya for seven years now is really really really hard for me. Just imagine everytime there will be an affair like birthdays, weddings, reunions or even only a visit of his relative in our house would be a big stressful experience for me. Yes I want to learn, yes I tried, yes I understand a little but you know specially if you know how to speak bisaya I know you know what I mean. When his relative talked too fast bisaya and when they do that I get lost, just imagine that and I just ended up nodding.

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My husband really wants me to learn it, I tried. I learned and understand it but only a word per second please, lol! But you know when I am reading text messages from his family in Ozamiz, I understand everything but when conversing, no. I dunno what is my problem, maybe just the speed, hehehe. I was once advised by my friend to learn it to know if they are cursing or swearing me already or what, lol! But you know the first words that I asked my husband are all the bad words, so it won't escape my ear, lol!

I just want to share to you what I learned today:

what are you doing? - unsay imong gibuhat?

is it flooding there? - gabaha ba diha?

im leaving - lakaw sa'ko

and too many more that I wish I will remember everytime I needed it, lol!

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