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Day Two of Haute Couture Fashion Week

The morning of Day Two of Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris was home to the runways of Dice Kayek, Schiaparelli and Rad Hourani.

At 10am this morning at the Hotel DEvreux, the first footsteps we're taken on the Schiaparelli Haute Couture runway. The main feature of focus within this collection was, evidently, the textures that the design team at Schiaperelli had chosen to integrate following the departure of Marco Zanini. The aesthetic of the show was the textures with the colour scheme ranging from loud colour to reserved neutrals.

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With this in mind, the stand out piece of the collection for me was a lace starred, peplum effect top that was well fitted giving in to fluid nude pants. The reason this stood out was the departure from the Schiaparelli shoulder that we're present in the majority of the collection and once again, the way the texture of the lace contrasted and complimented the loose fit of the nude bottoms. The tied neck adds elegance yet the star based peplum shows a fun edge to the collection.

Whilst the collection did little to rival the Atelier Versace collection last night, it was strong start to the second day of fashion week. Even more so, the collection was once of Schiaparellis strongest showing that the brand is in safe hands following Marco Zaninis departure.

Taking to the runway at midday at the Palais De Tokyo was Dice Kayek whose collection was there to show every designer how to play with layers in the construction of a dress. To say this collection excelled my expectations in every sense in an understatement. This collection contains something for every woman!

The way Dice Kayek has played with cascading layers, panels, sleeves, beading and textures is so exciting. From fitted to fluid, from black to metallic red, Dice Kayek covered the colour spectrum with a standout puffy sleeve, metallic red drop dress following another standout blue pannelled, jumpsuit.

The standout piece for myself with this collection however, was a beaded metallics and black dress with a cross checked, glimmering chest panel. The dress was renaissance meets the 21st Century. Whether it was the combination of the model with the dress or if it was the dress itself, there is something distinctly Elizabethan about the piece. The bead work is intricate, the textures are composed incredibly and, although this piece may not be to everyones taste, it truly is a work of art.

Finally, concluding the first half of the day was Rad Hourani. The designer not only presented his collection, he has pieced together an exhibition at 5 Rue De Constantine that is open now until 30th January 2015. The unisex collection highlights everything that can be so right with unisex haute couture. The combinations of loud colour with black and navy is faultless and, once again, combinations of texture are rising supreme and appear to be a large trend at Haute Couture Fashion week thus far.

Wet look leather, panelled blazers are the highlight of the collection with Rad Hourani proving that he is the supreme when it comes to outerwear. The loud blue and red colour palette sounds like it should come across tasteless unless done in minimal amounts, however, Rad Hourani proves how pairing the colours with darker shaded counterparts can result in exquisite clothing.

The standout pieces in this collection we're truly the black, grey, purple and blue maxi coats that two models wore back to back and linked through the arm. There is something about these two pieces that if you saw someone walk towards you wearing this in any fashion capital in the world, you would know they meant business. The piece exude power and style as does most of the collection.

The second half of the day will see my review of Christian Dior, Yiqing Yin, Alexis Mabille and Lupita Nyong'os favourite designer, Giambatista Valli. This review will up tomorrow along with the first half of day three featuring fashion powerhouse, Chanel.

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