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In the age of the iPhone and iPad...

In the age of the iPhone and iPad, it's hard not to acknowledge the vast market of designer cases that are currently taking over the world of accessories at the moment. The age of only stereotypical accessories is over and the later we get in to the 21st Century, the more technological accessories boom.

So what appear to be the key features of these cases? Focusing on iPhone cases, these tend to largely consist of logo and brand representation for the designer or, quite frequently, there tends to be some form of animal involvement. Here are the three picks that have been chosen by friends of mine that I think are perfect for accessory the extra limb that is the iPhone.

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Moschino made a large statement this year when revealing a McDonalds-esque choice of branding to their collection. Adapting the famous M to their own design, the case (seen above, courtesy of @sophiemlucy on Instagram) dons the appearance of a portion of McDonalds fries. Whilst some could view this as a bad imitation, I choose to respect the pop cultural statement that fashion house Moschino are making with this accessory.


The leather Rottweiler case that was initially designed for the iPhone 4, still suitably works as a pouch for the iPhone 5 and should you appreciate the Rottweiler motif that has become iconic amongst fans of Givenchy, then this case is one to add to the collection. Simple yet powerful as most Givenchy designs are, the case is must have if you prefer a pouch rather than a clip on case.


Pyramid studs, signature to the Valentino brand, adorn the collections Rockstud Knuckleduster iPhone case. The gold toned metal of the case and the choice to adapt the knuckleduster design to suit the iPhone was a brave move for a brand that tends to favour the conservative over the truly daring. I believe that this case suits anyone who is a fan of the design houses high fashion pieces and, as with the Moschino case, the case makes a pop cultural statement for anyone who chooses to adopt it.

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