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Weather you rock it or not, the minimalistic street style trends have taken NYFW by storm. The simple silhouettes and clean lines pose as a huge fashion statement for this upcoming year. A few trends however, stood out however. Watching the many runways shows inspired me to bring a few new pieces into my wardrobe and I hope it does the same for you.

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This first look holds a special place in my heart due to my obsession with oversized jackets. This look is universally chic and can be spiced up with a classic red lip and oxford for any occasion. The key to achieving this effortlessly chic look is to pair it with the right pieces and to be aware of proportions and silhouette. Designers such as Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan and many more introduced new takes on this classic menswear inspired look through their attention to details and color blocking which leads us to our second street style inspiration

For countless years designers have presented their own take on this trend from many different angles. This season designers seem to be embracing the simplicity of the black and white color blocking trend. This look is easy to achieve and can even be paired with an oversized blazer from look one for a super mod look.

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