How to Plan a Home Renovation with Sustainable Design

We all want to begin the process of being accountable and responsible for our greatest impacts and biggest purchases in life. One of our biggest purchases usually ends up being our home and we lose ourselves in thinking that being environmentally conscious and affording good home design can’t go hand in hand. That is why some people decide to take advantage of Shuttercraft and their range of shutters, if you’re interested to learn more see here.

Were often trapped in the cycle of thinking that quality is going to cost either money or time (or worst, both) and adding sustainability to the mix sounds even more costly.

What if it turned out though that being environmentally conscious and using sustainable design actually saved you money and improved the quality of your home and life over time?

This isn’t some fairy tale or even a magic formula. The truth is being sustainable against all odds is a Good for you, good for the quality and value of your home and good for the environment.

How could this be?

The “magic”, as you would say, behind sustainable design is in the planning. Sustainable design has exponentially improved over the past thirty years. Companies in the renovation and home industry are being rewarded for carrying eco-friendly and sustainable products and services.

Good designers are passionate and hyper-conscious about being environmentally responsive, being aware of the benefits of locally sourcing products and the value of improving aesthetic and functional comfort in your home.

How though does sustainability work for your home?

Your home is your haven. You’ve put effort, time and money into finding it, purchasing it and making it your own each step. You’ve witnessed and lived how much time, effort and money loving a home truly takes and now you want to add sustainability to the mix?

A resounding Yes! should be your cry because funny enough sustainability is your solution to that time, money and effort cycle.


Sustainable design focuses on giving the home the most efficient upgrades in technology. Solar heating, day lighting ad natural cooling may sound like big ticket items but across your home's lifetime the resource and consumption efficiency saves on overall costs while reducing physical demands on the environment.


Saving on water bills and energy bills is nice overtime but where else does sustainable design work for your dollar? Sustainable design involves the a practice that optimizes the best use of interior spaces. Throughout the renovation process careful design reduces the construction and work required to be done saving on costs in the build and in the long run.

Structural over-design is where renovations get costly and they don’t neccesarily add value. An expert designer will point out to you the possibility of advanced and optimal interior (and even exterior) framing. And yes that does mean including the possbility of open concept design!)


The effort required on your part to achieving a happy home is the research and planning you put forward to finding the right sustainable design for your home. Each home is unique and different in that it should revolve and cater to you and your family's life. It's more then just purchasing a blue bin for recycling. It's about where that blue bin fits and functions with the littlest effort required on your part to take care of it. It's about opening the possibilities for more social engagement with your family and cultivating an open and peaceful environment. It's about the careful evaluation of the home layout at the beginning of the sustainable design process to maximize use of natural light, natural space and natural flow.

The effort is reduced when a sustainable design expert comes in and tells you its not only affordable and doable, it’s rewarding and makes a positive impact. Your home becomes valuable, efficient and a functional environment.

…And YOU become the winner of just reward!

With your initial investment your home’s value over time appreciates, your environmental impact reduced and you become the Queen (or King) of your gorgeous, functional and life catering home. You loved your home the moment you bought it and then you loved it a little bit more. Sustainable design is not a fairy tale, it’s a home that loves you back.

What’s your experience with sustainable design?

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