Curing Dysfunctional House Syndrome: A Case Study

Our clients bought a house that needed a lot of work in a great neighbourhood. They hired a company to do the design and asked us to build. But we couldn’t ’cause the design didn’t capitalize on the property’s value. When they saw our new concept they decided to start over and here’s why….

what if your house just isn’t loving you back? a case study.

We loved it! Because when things are so dilapidated we don’t feel guilty gutting...

The Existing Floor Plan

We placed all the furniture because the original drawings didn’t have any – this is essential to figuring out if the space will actually work- always put furniture in even as place holders.

What the other company suggested:

Traffic flow in the existing house remains dysfunctional cause you are walking though the activity in each room and disrupting it.

There is no place to hang a coat or store shoes near the front door.

The prime southern real estate is wasted on a powder room. Having it bathed in sunlight while the rest of the house remains dark is tragic- same for the laundry room.

A pet peeve here is always having to work with ones back to the room in the kitchen, which keeps us from interacting with family and guests

The main house is very dark because of the addition.

The deck is actually too narrow to be useful as you can see by the table we placed in there.

There’s no cohesion between the rooms, they are kinda separate but not. I would almost rather see them closed off rather than this halfway thing that doesn’t actually allow for interaction; just noise transfer and distraction.

Finally what’s gonna happen to the space that was the old kitchen?

What MKDB suggested

They love their new home! And so do we. : )

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