New Year, New Growth at MKDB


New Year, New Growth at MKDB

The New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings. There’s something about the promise of a brand new year that invigorates us to set resolutions and ‘start over’. Even before we get to the New Year, we are preparing to start fresh. For some it’s cleaning the house from top to bottom, and for others, it is a period of personal reflection and goal-setting. As the clock strikes midnight we leave 2017 behind, with all of its problems and concerns. Then 2018 begins with a clean house, clean conscience, and clean slate.

New at MKDB

At Moneca Kaiser Design BUILD we are amidst a flurry of new beginnings. For one, we’ve moved into a new office as of mid-December. Though we’re still making the office feel like home, we love the space. There’s windows along one wall, letting in the sun which lights our entire office. Plus the view lets us gauge how snowy the roads will be for our commutes home! Our new office is located at 435 St Laurent Blvd, in Unit 201. You’re welcome to visit to see the space, and have a cup of tea with us. The new office also has a new phone number. You can now reach us at 613-746-2888 with questions, or just to say hello : ) Feel free to reach out to us by email too!

MKDB is focused on developing a community of positively-minded individuals who are working towards a common goal – co-creating homes with our flients that will bring them the harmonious lives they wish to lead. We’re excited to share that our team has expanded; we have a new carpenter, and a new marketing coordinator. Keep an eye out for a series of blog posts where we’ll be highlighting each member of our team!

Everyone here at Moneca Kaiser Design BUILD wishes you all the best for 2018. We are looking forward to the journey this year will bring!

Have you made any resolutions for 2018? How are you planning on keeping them? Let us know in the comments.

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