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3 Clever ways to store your Pots out in the Open

3 Clever ways to store your Pots out in the Open

Functionality in a kitchen is top priority but that doesn’t mean style and design have to be thrown out the window. Displaying your pots out in the open keeps both design and functionality in mind. Here are a couple of past homes we found a way to showcase pots and pans with functionality in mind.

Window Hanging Pots

1. Open walls act as great vertical storage in a kitchen and are often underused. What’s even better are hanging pots and pans in a window or meshed opening. Hanging pots vertically doesn’t take away valuable wall space, and it can make for a unique reflective display.


2.You could also use your open walls to combine shelves and rods, making your pots, pans and other kitchenware easily accessible and in reach.  “S” hooks are ideal to use so you can easily hook and unhook items, even if they’re hung higher up. Combining your kitchenware with lots of fresh plants creates a refreshing display.


3. Who says your pots need to be seen to be functional? Keep your pots and kitchen items just in reach but out of sight by creating open cabinetry space in the area you use the most. You’ll have all of your necessities at hand with no visual eyesore.

Now you can proudly display your pots and pans with style and functionality.  Find us on Pinterest to find even more ways to organize a tiny kitchen.

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