A Letter to the Client: The Concept Phase

A Letter to the Client: The Concept Phase

As is Floor Plan
As Is

Good morning  Maria and Tom,

It was good to meet with you and get started.
I’m sending along 2 concepts for us to reflect on. Please don’t be concerned about door ways or details yet – they will all be resolved. I have just massed things out with furniture place holders to ensure it’s all working to get a feel for what we can accommodate.  Your house seems to easily allow us to close off rooms so just assume that we can work something out for each opening.
Concept One Floorplan
Concept 1 A – 
Concept 1 B – 

When you are ready we can meet so you can share your thoughts with me. I need to understand what appeals to you about these and what doesn’t so I can work towards your ideal home so consider this talking points to continue our conversation. Just circle things you like and we will work on a new concept based on that.

Its a pleasure to be working with you. If this feels at all overwhelming – it can for some clients- just tuck it away until we meet and I can present it to you in a more manageable way. I have included your as is drawing in the same format so you can compare to scale with it. Please note that each square is one foot so you can count them to get an idea of sizes.

Concept 2A – 
Concept 2B – 
 Feel free to call me anytime even on the weekend (hint hint but next week is fine too) I am not seeing a need to extend the main living space with an addition at all it seems you have plenty of space which is as I suspected. That’s why I was concerned about the other designers suggestion of adding on.
Once we have the main floor plan established we will explore the best way to give you a screened area outside. I think having a room that can convert into a  main floor bedroom is ideal for family’s in case someone ever breaks a leg or something and both options allow for that.


Moneca Kaiser

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