Welcome to the Building Phase of Your Renovation


There are so many phases to the process that is  a home renovation. One of the most exciting and equally terrifying steps is the build phase when all of a sudden everything that was carefully and crucially planned in the concept and design phase comes to life. We want to share with you the very few points you as a homeowner want to keep in mind. You may find it surprising how relaxing your job through the renovation build process can be!

MKDB Ottawa
MKDB Ottawa

We’re excited to start transforming your house into YOUR IDEAL HOME!

Good communication is the foundation of an easy build and we are sharing a few points to keep in mind:

  • We (the MKDB Design Team) need to be involved in all design decisions to ensure that they are in harmony with our shared vision of your ideal home. Please feel free to chat about ideas with the MKDB site team with the understanding that Moneca Kaiser or our Lead Designer and you must discuss and approve any design decisions in writing.
  • If any problems arise (and they will – it’s the nature of construction and a natural part of the process :)) Please try to relax by reminding yourself that it’s not your problem it’s ours and we will resolve it as soon as possible. Just talk to us about it and your part is done.
  • We like to have weekly site meetings at an agreed upon time to review the progress of the project and discuss any or your concerns.

And that’s it! Relax and take a load off your mind because your design build  team is there to do the heavy lifting.

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